Hello UG!

I want to make an online project. The music I want to create is death metal (technical death metal, slamming brutal death metal, black/death metal, I'm open for these genres). My main inspirations are band like Decapitated, Monumental Torment, Abominable Putridity, Morbid Angel, Behemoth, Hate, Dying Fetus, Nile, Conquering Dystopia.
I write pretty technical riffs, so

I play guitar (6 and 7 string). I also own a 6 string bass guitar (but I'm looking for a bass player, because my tone sucks). I also do vocals, which I'm also willing to record. I'm able to record everything at home.

I'm looking for a
-bass player
-maybe a guitar player
-drummer or someone who is able to program drums

The idea is to make an album. We will record our parts each on their own, then mix and release the album, possibly for free or a minimum price. I just want more experience with writing and recording.

If you're interested, drop me a message.
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My guitars:
-B.C Rich NJ Jr.V Deluxe (6 string guitar)
-Kamecki Custom V guitar
I play guitar, but i would suggest heading of the kompoz.com tons of musicians there who love collab
Im Game for guitar. 6 string though. But still. I m game. If you want some examples, post comment on my page. I can program some good beats too, but i use my schools programs because i dont have any. Ill post some examples on my page from songs i know. If your interested.
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