Wow, I haven't posted here in a long time. I managed to finish this song for an assignment I have due and I thought I'd post it here and try and get some opinions on it. Thanks in advance for any input. C4C.
So tasty! A bit too intellectual sounding for me but I like it! So many hooks like the sliding out of downwards 12s at bar 24 and the chords progression, the bass 0-2 hammer on at bar 12, the repetitive bending, etc. Good stuff!
I think this was super chill to listen to.
If there's anything to say I think the outro is too long and the riff starts to get repetitive about the last couple of times. That Em9 (if I'm correct) sounds maybe slightly too dissonant in the "chorus" overall.
The whole delay/ambience and particularly the extra diving bass I think is a great idea and sounds very cool. I very well may be inspired by that and try it out in a different style
Thanks for sharing.