Hi all

Okay so I've been playing for about 5 years now and loving guitar. I play mainly acoustic. I have an electric but it's a cheaply made chinese strat copy (one of those no-name brands with terrible action) so I didn't play electric much.
I'm pretty adept at fingerstyle but never really played much with a pick, although now I wish I did.

So I'm in the market for a used electric guitar to improve my playing and to become better at electric (not only acoustic). Recently I came across this archtop guitar here:

It's an Ibanez archtop. All the guy knows about it is that its an N427 (I think that means its an Art series). He's a bit of a drive away so I'll go check it out if I'm gonna buy.

I want to play Hard Rock, Classic Rock and eventually get into Jazz as well. A bit of metal too but not so much. Would I be able to play all this on an Archtop? And will this help me "get to the next level" so to say in my playing or am I better off buying an electric guitar?

Any help would be appreciated.
Not fast metal but you could easily do all sorts of hard rock with that, even slower metal. If you dig it then thats all that matters.
Pretty versatile guitar, anything it can't do to your liking you can probably achieve with effects and amp choice. Just be sure that it really inspires you to play, that it gives you a feeling of not wanting to put it down (especially neck feel, weight etc).

Have fun!
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