Good to be back Folks!

Orion is proving much harder to complete than Fade to Black. So heres a sample of the 1st solo I have recorded so far. I am hoping to get some good feedback while I am still in the early stage. The Bass and Guitars are played/recorded by me and I used midi track for Drums.

I am struggling with the tones, if anyone has experience with tones for this song I am all ears! Well look forward to the flames :p and as always [C4C]


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I like it! As for tone, I'm awful at that stuff. I agree your tone needs something, but I haven't a clue what adjustments could be made.
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Your pitch bends are a semitone lower than what they should be, a little too slow maybe, apart from that it's pretty rockin' man
good solo cover. Id suggest you work on your bending. alot of the bends you did were half step/1 semitone bends when they needed to be full step bends.
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Nice solo cover, sounds pretty good and the bends do need work. The rhythm guitars are a bit soft on volume. I hear alot that metallica recordings especially hedfield are layed until they get the tones they want, but I dont know how that works. Maybe someone else on the forum does or a thread exists somewhere.