I'm looking for a guitar amp simulator that has an endless pool of effects for creating all types of obscure sounds that maybe don't even really sound like guitar. Just like, where you can get lost in the endless sounds you can make. I don't neccessarily care too much about 1 sounding distortion vs another - as long as it's easily changeable/customizable to get different types of sounds. I don't really care at all about trying to replicate hardware amps, or mimicking certain artists in the real world.

Does such a device exist? I'm currently using Guitar Rig.
Explore Guitar Rig a little bit more, that would be my first recomendation, browse through its ambient/alternative presets and see what they're doing.

But if you really want to get some different sounds look into Max MSP, a graphical programming environmet that is made for music.
Man, just dig into guitar rig, that has all of the options you want.
Though you may just use whatever (big) number of funny plugins with whatever simple and better sounding amp sim.
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Yep that sounds like Guitar Rig, which you have, so that's awesome! Maybe get into automating some parameters of your efx, it will help a lot. And I'm fairly certain (from memory) Guitar Rig has an LFO section you can apply to parameters - so defiantlylook into that.
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If you load it up in a daw you can also play around with any other vst you happen to have.

Be prepared for it to get a little laggy though.
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