Hey, I want to build a website for my band. I'm looking for tips for a cheap way to go about this...can I just buy a template and build it? Where can I buy a template?

Any ideas are welcome,
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I assume you are on Facebook and / similar ?
If not you can do this and get a blog from blogger and get a place to put recordings on sound cloud and a place to put videos on Youtube.

If this is not enough and you want your own website with your own type Domain Name into google and see what you can get a domain name and server for - about $60 US a year should do it.
It might be worth doing a google search for 'local bands', there are a number of sites that offer hosting facilities for bands of varying levels of usefulness.

Over here in the UK www.lemonrock.com is the most useful for our band. It advertises our band, emails details of our gigs to people local to our venues and I get half a dozen bookings a year from people after a band with no effort on my part. There may be something similar for you.
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If you want your own url, you'll need to buy a domain name (example.com)
You'll need to get hosting as well. Some companies can set you up with both of these. I think godaddy is probably one of the cheapest and well known hosting/domain companies, but there's a whole bunch out there. Crazy Domains is cheap too, but that's because they're shit.

For the website itself, Wordpress is very easy to use. Making a new post on your website is about as complicated as sending an email, and some hosting companies will install it for you, if you're not tech savvy. You can get free templates too, which is nice.

If you have some extra money, it might be worth hiring a web designer to do a custom template for you though. Usually free templates are very generic looking and obviously wont really say much about your band or your image, so it's worth looking in too if you have the cash.