Ok so when I was 13 I bought a Trace Warbeast TWBSTO. It has a basswood body and a maple neck. humbucker pickups. I also have a Line 6 Spider III 75 watt.

I am now 20 and I am more aware of tonal quality and so I want to try and make my setup sound better. I mostly like to play music that requires a good bit of gain/distortion (think thrash/speed metal).

Should I buy a new amp? Should I buy new pickups? Should I buy a new guitar and a new amp? What about pedals? Recommendations welcome, thanks.

If I were to get a new amp, I want it to be a combo amp, not a stack. I'm just going to be playing in my room and garage jamming.
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i actually have quite a bit of respect for a BC Rich. all the ones i have played have actually sounded pretty good and played pretty well. if you like a heavy distortion sound then this guitar will serve you well, especially in that price range. you might not like the aesthetics of it much anymore, but it will serve you well.

the spider III is definitely worth an upgrade though, i don't know what your budget will allow for but the spider's tones for heavy distortion are pretty noisy and unbalanced. the insane channel sounds great to a beginner for a couple of months at most until you figure out it's not that great.

a 'what amp' thread seems to be in order, just answer these questions (link below) and people will be along to help

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Definitely get an amp first. If you make a "what amp" thread these guys will find you the most amp for your budget and sound preference. They really help a ton.
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