I'd like to move on from the Pacifica 212 I bought a few months ago as a basic guitar to get me started. It was never the guitar I wanted, but a good one to get going with. Now I know I'd like to stick with guitars, I'd like to buy a really nice one as a 'keeper'.

What I really want is a greenburst SG, or other greenburst. But I'm finding it impossible to find a high quality greenburst or any green guitar at all!! Everything seems to be black, red or white :-( I'd go to greyburst as an alternative, but again black, red or white :-(

If I type in greenburst in google images, I see loads of nice ones, but nothing in the shops ?? There is a stunning greenburst SG in Google images, but I can't find anything on it?

I'm told SG's are not nice to play (but sound great), I'm told I want a strat as they play well and feel good. I'm not sure I really want a Fender as to me they have a Fisher Price look about them. If I were to get a Strat, I'd like something a little more shaped on the surface like a Schecter. I don't want any mad shapes.

I am starting to think that it is like the world of Mountain Bikes, black, black or black and boring ! I'd like something with some feel and shape and look really nice, not just a boring black fender strat :-( O sorry, I can have it in red, big deal !!!

Please can you tell me if there are any high quality brand guitars out there that play nice, look great and don't cost more than about £1300

These are fantastic, but can I get them?

I'm new to all this, so a huge newbie question I guess !!

"I'm told SG's are not nice to play (but sound great)"

Play one because that's wrong. They play nicely and sound great.

If you want that color, you may have to get it custom painted after buying.
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However, I've stumbled over my own answer by posting the Carvin picture. On closer inspection and a few links later, I discovered the Carvin website, WOW!! BINGO !!

It would seem Carvin are a very nice guitar maker and there IS certainly the guitar I like somewhere in their range. I can see the guitar in my head and I see all the components on the website. Job done !!

Now I just need to work my way through it all and end up with a STUNNING guitar that will inspire. I know I can't play yet, but not being able to fly model helicopters properly for years didn't stop me from spending many thousands on that hobby before I could fly!

Watching some Youtube, it seems Carvin are fantastic and I'm sure I'm going to be a very happy camper with a nice guitar that will be with me all the way through my guitar journey

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I wasn't that great when I bought my Gibson SG but it inspires me to improve every time I pick it up.

Stop by and show some pics when you get what you want.
Hi Guys,

OK, things have moved on. To cut a very long story as short as it can be, I want to buy a Black Gibson SG Standard. The 100% deal breaker is the 120th inlay at the 12th fret. I love everything about the 2014 Standard SG, but I hate with a passion the inlay! I'll simply not buy one with that inlay.

The other problem I have is I can't just buy a 2013 SG (if I can find a new one) because I like the frets over the neck binding as the 2014 model is. The older SG's have the binding to finish off the frets.

Is there anyway of having the inlay removed and replaced with a 'proper' inlay by by somebody that can? It would have to a perfect job to look like a factory fit !! How much would that cost if it could be done?

If I can't have what I want, I'll have to hope the 2015 SG's have all the bits of the 2014 without the inlay, fingers crossed.

Any ideas?
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