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Just messing with the pedal order in my amps Effects Loop. I'm relatively new to Effects Loops ad I haven't been playing in some time so I thought I'd ask here:

I have been screwing around with a Tremolo pedal. I'm running it through the Loop in this order: Tremolo>Flanger>Delay>Reverb. It sounds pretty good, and this order keeps my board neat and tidy.

Lots of different opinions on where Tremolo should go in your chain. I've heard some say before Modulation, others say after. Others say Tremolo should always be dead last, and then someone comes along and tells me that only applies it you're running Tremolo in front of the amp and that it doesn't really matter if it's in the Loop. OK, I'm confused.

I just thought I'd ask here: What order do YOU guys put Trem/Mod in and why? Any hints? I'm after a Space Rock/Psychedelic sound.

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As cliche as this answer may be, you just have to experiment to find what you like.

Putting the tremolo dead last will emphasize its effect, while having it before effects like delay and reverb will de-emphasize the stutter effect if you will.

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Think of it like this. Everything before the tremolo gets put into the tremolo's stutter effect. Everything after takes the sound before it and adds whatever effect.

So if your tremolo was last, turning it on would put tremolo on all your other effects and as tremolo bum said, it will be very pronounced. At extreme settings you won't even have trails from the other effects in the silent spaces.

Where you have it now, your direct sound is getting the tremolo effect applied to it. Then that stutters sound is getting mod/delay/reverb put on after it.
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Putting tremolo after the reverb would create some very weird sounds. If you're going for out there sound then do that. (long reverb trails too of course) Same with delay, but it'd depend on your delay settings. If they were long feedback for lots of repeats then it might get quite weird like I mentioned with putting it after reverb.

I'd personally put it before flanger for heavy tremolo settings, but after flanger for more vibrato-like light tremolo settings. Experiment, you can't break anything.
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I run my tremolo pedal in front of my amp. I only use it for the 1st and 2nd verse of one song with my guitar's volume rolled back a bit. It's a bit more subtle in front. If it's a more choppy, in your face tremolo you're after then keep it in the loop with the same layout as you're already running it.

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This is definitely one of those questions that doesn't really have a right answer, so just kick some jams out and you'll know which you like better.