Hi all,

The input jack connections on my Epiphone Gold Top broke off so I unscrewed the jack and back plate in order to solder them back on. Unfortunately there is not enough slack wire .available to fit down into the hole where the jack goes. It doesn't go down far enough for me to make the connection. Is there a way for me to make the connection still? The wire is grey on the outside with a white cord inside. I'm a complete amateur when it comes to this so any help would be appreciated (and sorry if it's a stupid question.)

Well...yes I figured that I would need to do that at some point..I'm not totally witless!
Do I solder the new wire to the end of the existing wire? I can't see where the wire joins to at the non-jack end - like I say, I've never done this before, that is why I asked.
Just for future reference it is an output jack, although yes most call it an input.

Buy .22 awg wire and some very small solder. For an output jack shielded wire would be nice to use, but normal will work too. You could solder it directly to the old wire, but then you would have an exposed connection and need to add insulation or tape to cover it up. I would remove the old wire in question and totally replace it with new. Just use your iron to heat up the old wire solder where it is still connected at to remove it.
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Also to find where the wire from the jack ends at just take off the back plate with a screwdriver and see where it runs to.
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Thanks for the advice - I'll give it a go at the weekend.

Also..yes...'Output jack' makes much more sense! Probably was why I couldn't find much information online when I searched for 'input jack' wiring!

thanks again.