First of all, I want to say that this is a very difficult song of a wonderful band Black Veil Brides. The track is really technically demanding and I am full of praise for your having a go at it!
As regards the rhythym part I think you have managed to cover it! I like your tone, it is not to harsh or distorted, so good job.
As regards the solo, I think that your guitar is a little bit out of tune (especially the very last note). All in all, the attempt at the solo is a really good one (a bit more work on it and you're there). Of course, I understand that you play to the original recording, so it also changes a bit, but still I think that there is a bit of 'missed' notes in the solo.
Yet, these are just some minor comments and personally I think that you did a really good job. I'm waiting for some more stuff from you. Thanks for sharing

If you are interested in what I am doing: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1642007

Kind Regards
Thanks for the thought out reply! Excluding parts of the solo, I actually consider this one of their easier songs. That and Fallen Angels. I've tried Set The World On Fire, but the solo is at such a high speed, that it's difficult to be accurate lol.

I agree there were missed notes. I did my best, and tried to make it run as smooth as possible. Really, the hardest part to get up to speed was the 14th fret bend, and 12 fret pick then 15th fret pull-off.

I've been wanting to cover this song for awhile, and I'm going to try Perfect Weapon next.
Thanks for the information concerning the URL in my Link.

I have already fixed that so if you are interested, please go here:


As regards BVB, I agree that the solo in "Set the World on Fire" is one of the most demanding solos in BVB's career. I have also considered playing this one, but I think that I will think it over once again. Thanks for help once again)
Sweet jamming mate, nice to see someone else also using amp modeling software other than me Guitarrig 5 for me.

The playalong was clean and audible, tone was good, timing great, your techniques are well trained. If you stay on this path you will be doing just fine

I am also working on Perfect Weapon btw well I am still learning to play the song then I will work on the cover