I need help identifying these guitar pickups, I saw this old beat up guitar at a pawn shop (it was very dirty, strings were rusted to hell) during the weekend and was only able to take a couple of pics with my friend's shitty phone. I've never seen anything similar before, the guitar had 3 pick ups and a tone/volume pot as well as a 3 way toggle. The body was similar to a stratocaster with pointier horns and an inward curve at the bottom, it also had 3 strap buttons instead of just 2 which let you sort of adjust it at an angle quite easily, I really liked this feature. It didn't feel cheap either, it felt heavy yet sturdy and very comfortable with zero fret buzz despite the strings feeling like grit at times. I didn't have any money on me otherwise I would have probably made the guy an offer, but I was at least able to take these and I've been looking all over the internet unable to figure out what type of pickups they are. Has anyone seen anything similar to this? the closes thing I've been able to find are some Dimarzio models but then again I know nothing about pickups, help?

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They look like Kent Armstrong pickups with the M-BUCKER in bridge and neck, not sure about the single tho could be Power Blade
Would be very hard to identify with certainty just from those pics, definitely not dimarzio or the kent armstrong. Do you have a pic of the whole guitar? or at least what brand the guitar is? Most likely they are an import type of pickup built on spec for whoever made the guitar.
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Great catch Sin....looks like the correct one to me.


I remembered seeing those ZZRyders briefly pop up online a few years ago (catalog is from '06). I seem to recall that they were pretty inexpensive as well.

FWIW, the 'Quad Rail' on the ZZRyders do not appear to be the same as those sold by Kramer; the shape of the bobbins is different.
You guys are amazing o.o I did not expect to come back to this thread to see results so soon, sin that is the SAME exact guitar indeed!

Now that I see the full picture I remember the bridge having a 'Wilkinson' brand name and the owner mentioned it was an 'Empire' model or something like that.

Other than that the guitar did look pretty well built despite the price, they wanted 175 for it at the shop, would have probably gone down to 160 if I had the cash up front. I Almost feel like going back to get it now, it's probably a cheap entry level model but I was surprised by how comfortable it played. Thanks so much to everyone who posted!
The last few that sold on the bay were for under 100 so keep that in mind.
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The last few that sold on the bay were for under 100 so keep that in mind.

Thank you very much for that!
The "Quad Rail Pickup" was manufactured by Kramer guitars back in the Hair Metal days. It was essentially two Strat-like dual rail single coil-sized humbucker pickups wired and fastened into a humbucker configuration:

The Kramer "Quad Rail:"

I do not think it was offered on many Kramer guitar models.
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I do not think it was offered on many Kramer guitar models.

Awesome picture dude and I was thinking the same thing, I'm assuming Kramer manufactured most of these pick ups with a few knock off companies making clones? the ones on this guitar where completely unbranded as you can see, and each blade was separated at the bottom, kinda like in this picture:

Except completely unbranded, so I'm pretty convinced it had to be one of the cheaper brands that probably custom made these for the guitar manufacturer. Now that I know the guitar's real value I doubt I'll buy it although for the price I was pretty impressed with the clarity, I tested it on a small fender practice amp they had. I think I'm much better off saving my money until I can afford something much more fool proof on ebay or craigslist lol still thanks to everyone who posted, otherwise I would have probably wasted my money!
Adding "more" to the standard Gibson-style humbucker seemed to be a fad back in the early 1980s. I believe it started with either Mighty Mite or Hamer guitars; both made a humbucking pickup with three coils. The Mighty Mite pickup was called the "Motherbucker:"

The Hamer version:

And even Seymour Duncan gave it a shot:

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