I need a new amp.

Hey guys, so me and my band played a gig the other night and it didn't go too well. Considering I was using my piece of shit $250 G100WFX Acoustic (that's just the brand, its an electric guitar amp), it feed-backed whenever I turned it up. Additionally my Metal Zone MT-2 pedal didn't want to cooperate with the amp. I tried manipulating the volumes but the sound guy seemed to have fun laughing at my expense. There was a lot of feedback and the amp just couldn't compete in volume despite saying 100 Watts on the front but 60 watts on the back, like what the ****?
Anyway, I've had enough of playing shitty gigs because of my equipment, I have 2 high quality electric guitars, my Gibson Les Paul Studio and by Ibanez RG321FMSP - not perfect but they're great guitars and whenever we practice in studios, they sound amazing plugged into the Marshall JCM 800s provided, its just my amp.
So as we know, musicianship is an expensive hobby and I would like to inquire - what is the best possible amp I could buy for alternative rock (leaning towards the Pearl Jam direction), with a reasonable price. Mind you, I'm also 16 - but don't let that hinder your answer - I'm willing to sell my Ibanez guitar and my Acoustic amp plus work an additional crapload to afford a professional performance amp. I have a feeling I'm going to need a head and cab amp. I'm looking into Marshall's but they're all super duper pricey and if that's my only choice - so be it.

Any thoughts, recommendations, any help at all?? It's all very stressful.
You, my friend, gotta state your budget.
Also where are you located?
'cause there are a lot of places in which used JCM800's don't go for that much money.

What about a DSL401 anyway?
I think you can get one if you sell the amp and put a bit more money in it.
It does sound like a marshall and I think the yellow channel is meant to sound like a JCM800.

You may wanna get rid of your metal zone since you're at selling stuff, not only that doesn't sound like a JCM800 at all, nor it sounds or it is capable of sounding like anything good sounding.
Seriously, get rid of it, it'll not help you.
It may actually have been one of your problems on stage - you're using too much gain and creating an awful sound, you're using a bad amp, and the combination of the two creates feedback.

Plus, sound guys aren't there to have fun laughing at the players' expense.
I remember one time I was managing the sound for a jam involving an awful lot of people, and there was this guy who kept turning his volume up because he didn't hear himself enough.
Since the volume was right already, I kept turning the volume down on the mixer to keep the volume coming out of the PA system at the right level, and the guy was pretty pissed, not only because he still didn't hear himself enough, but also because he was getting a fair amount of feedback.
The reason of that was that he turned up the volume too much.

Thing is, he sounded allright at the beginning, bout thought I couldn't do my job because he couldn't hear himself enough.
Come on, he didn't even want a monitor.
The result was that he sounded worse and he got pissed.
So, next time, talk with the sound guy during the soundcheck about any problem you might have, that greatly helps.
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Clue: amplifiers amplify so don't turn it on if you need quiet.
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Thanks for answering!

You might be right about the sound guy. I mean it's pretty annoying when you can't hear yourself on stage, but the audience can hear your guitar. You know, because of monitors and such, later I watched my friend who was video taping us and you could hear us fine in the beginning, and it was really me just having an anxiety attack cause my equipment was backfiring.

You know, when I tried the Metal Zone out at the store, it sounded fantastic, and it's been sounding halfway decent since, but yeah BOSS pedals aren't too good I know. There's not much I can afford. I need to learn how to get a good distortion tone, and I mean I know Marshall's have pretty good built in distorted tones.

As far as my price range I really want to get the best possible performance amp for $1000 and under, I mean a little over 1000 could be okay like maybe $1200 tops, but being a teenager, there's only so much I can save and only so much my parents are willing to pay (especially since they buy me guitar crap all the time).

I'm located in Chicago, are the JCM 800s around me cheaper? Let me know.

That other amp you mentioned the 400, it's a combo right, how many watts is it? It says 50 watt powered online, forgive me if I'm wrong but doesn't my original amp beat that (being it was 60 watts?). Should I be considering quality over quantity here? Do you think it's a good amp that can compete with a drum set, a bass amp, and another guitar amp on stage? I mean we play small venues, but they're rock clubs - so they're loud, its not a local cafe. Thanks so much for your help!
First of all, it's the boss metal zone that's bad in particular.
Nothing wrong with that, everyone of us bought bad stuff at the beginning.

As for the jcm, have a look on ebay, lotsa times good offers pop up.
Though for that kinda money you may as well get yourself a JCM2000 DSL100 head + cab.
I'd try that and see how I like it, maybe you'll end up preferring it to the JCM800 for the versatility y' know.

As for the DSL401's power, 40w IIRC.
Anyway, there's this thing about guitar amps' power ratings...
They mean shit.
For several reasons, including:
1. the ratings there are incomplete
2. the ratings are pretty approximated
3. the ratings are close to made up in most cases

The volume coming out of the amp also has close to nothing to do with the volume.
I mean it'd have something to do if all of the amps were rated the same way and had the same speakers, though this isn't really the case.
The volume also depends on the sensitivity of the speaker(s) you're using.

Plus, even a 5w amp is loud when turned all the way up.
Like, seriously loud.
If you send the cleans ****in themselves, you can definitely reharse with a band with my 5w amp anyway.
40w? ****in loud!
Veeery loud.
It'll keep up with a band, yeah, and if the place in which you'll be playing will bee to big for the amp on its own, they'll likely to have a PA system.

Bottom line, you'll likely not to use the full power of the amp in any case.
When practicing, it'll be too loud.
When gigging, it'll not be loud enough so they'll mic it up and you'll be fine.
So, stop looking for big amps and start looking for amps that do what you want and sound how you want them to sound.
Name's Luca.

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I don't know anything about this topic, but I just clicked on this thread because of your username :O
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Clue: amplifiers amplify so don't turn it on if you need quiet.
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I guess spambots are now capable of reading minds.