Hi Guys!

Finnaly I have found some time, and got around to doing some new cover. This time I want to share my attempt at playing some Andy James stuff. I hope that you enjoy the track. As always, feel free to comment upon the performance and I promise to do the same!

Rock ON !

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very nice playing ! i didn't know this song nor the artist ! melodies are beautifull with nice vibrato well done !
If you keep doing what you did with this track you should be fine, I dont know if today is a good day but sure loving the new covers people are posting this week, lots of good stuff
Thumbed hard.
Hey! That's an amazing performance! Covering Andy james isn't easy , and you did a great cover of that song. I'm a huge fan of Andy James myself! I bought the LTD he used before his Signature AJ long time ago, was a good thing i did! I love that Guitar ( LTD H1001 ) , I like how you kind of improvised towards the end to kind of give your own feel to it, great job , i'd love to see more of your stuff in the future aswell!

I'd appreciate it if you give me a c4c on https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1642354 , It's a classical piece, not really Andy James.
Hey bro, excuses for taking so long giving you a replay. You're ****ing awesome buddy hahaha . I really enjoyed watching your videos man, keep it up, I really want to highlight your guitar tone and your mix. Probably one of the bests I've heard in youtube. And your playing is badass. Keep it up :-)