I hear a lot about having a Vst Folder, one location to store all your vsts. Major vsts that require installation have their own folder, which includes the .dll. Where would this folder be? In the C: directory, or would you have 2 separate ones in Program Files and Program Files (x86)? Would you just put shortcuts in the folder in either case?

How do most people do this?

Thanks yoU!
Usually in ProgramFiles\Steinberg\vst (or x86 if 32bit - depends) but they can be anywhere. Usually when you do custom install your software installer asks you to designate where to install to and I point to a folder I created c:\VST, which simplifies things.
If it's not in the program files, does it not matter where it is installed (concerning 32/64 bit)?
Most programs if not all, have settings preferences where you can point them to your preferred vst folder. I have a separate "VST64" folder as well, the plugins will usually specify if they are 64bit, most of them are still 32bit for now.