Hello, it's been a long time I haven't posted anything since my cover of Metallica, I worked a lot on vocal things, so here is my latest cover, normally i did progress compared to the last one, even though there's probably still imperfections:


For those who want separate tracks I graciously share them to you You can download in my facebook albums (public) here:
You're crazy man! Spot on with everything, great job
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seriously though, listen to DaliLama.
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My gosh that was awesome!

First of, I want to say that I am under a huge impression of the amount of effort that you made in order to record it. You have definitely nailed the whole track!
It seems to me that all the tracks are perfectly synchronised and they sound great to my ear!
As regards the solo - you're a beast. The solo is really clean, smooth, and accurate. The tone that you used is lovely, it is really similar to the one that mr Friedman used.
All in all, a wonderful cover. You're a great musician. Not to mention that you're a beast when it comes to the guitar. Keep up the good work.

If you are interested in what I am doing: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1642007

Kind Regards
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Dalilama -> thank you

b3guitar -> thank you too you know i'm not a "beast" i just did theses covers just for the pleasure i gonna check you link
Hats off mate, solid cover. I sadly dont have enough experience to make any crit on a cover this good. Maybe one day

I really love the part at 2:05 leading up to and inluding the solo. The solo was not loud yet it still stood out clear as day.

I dont usually ask requests C4C but with someone as good as you, I would really love any tips you can give, especially recording wise. I use 4 seperate tracks for rhythm, 2 for leads and bass and single drum track for my covers atm.

Metallica - Fade to black Cover thread

Metallica - Orion Solo Cover thread

Look forward to anymore covers you do.
Well if i understand your request is that you want to know about some "advices" and about how i record my covers ? (i'm not sure to understand so i prefer ask )
Yes, thats exactly what I am asking if you got any advice or tips you can give. I am still new to recording so i'm just fumbling my way through each cover LOL
Well i start to create a guitar pro file with drums and export it as midi file.
In Logic Express 9, I import this midi file, and use a drums plug in (superior drummer metal foundry) and do the sound of each elements. When drums is ok, i record bass guitar while plug directly on my audio card, i do the same for each guitar, and i use guitar rig 5 in a first time ... but later i finally re-amp them into my rocktron prophesy 2. for the voice same way with a RODE NT1-A microphone.

When all is done, i mix and that's all !