I am guessing this would be best forum for this post... Since musicians seem to swap, upgrade, downgrade gear a lot, and because more and more this may be done via internet with people far away rather than trading with local peeps, I think this question may be of interest for a lot of guitarists...

Anyway, I've acquired various gear on Ebay, and one funny thing is how the shipping rates can vary so much. Now that I'm to the point that I may liquidate some gear, I am hoping to find out the secret for getting low shipping rates for anything from guitar in case to a 30 lb amp, etc.

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Where do you work? When my dad worked for chase I had him ship a 28lb 20x20x20 package UPS overnight for $18(would've been $157 normally). I you work for a major corporation they may have a shipping deal they let the customers use.
Check prices from UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL and see which has the best rates (they can vary by more than you'd expect).

Grey Hound used to do courier services and was really cheap, but I'm unsure if they still do.
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You are doing well to do your homework before the situation arrises.

Last week I sold a Fender Mustang II amp on ebay and charged $25 to ship it.

I boxed the amp in the original packing and took it a local pack & ship place and asked them to price the most affordable ground shipping that gives me a tracking number. The employee weighed my package and under 30 lbs.....and confirmed that the cheapest he could do it via UPS, Fed Ex, USPS and other from Georgia to Nevada was $87.


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I almost passed out. I kindly took my package straight over to the nearest post office and sent it through them for well under half the price at the convenient pack & ship store.

Do your homework and watch out for the private mail places.
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I just shipped a guitar through FedEx halfway across the country for under $40 with insurance
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I aways use a site called parcels2go. It's basically a website that lets you do a price comparison of all the major courier companies in the UK.

I presume there will be similar sites for most countries.
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