Hey guys, my band Xolaria just released our new single, Spacial Transmigration theory, style wise id say we (On this song, we do a lot of stuff) are Brutal Techdeath metal. This song features Alessandro Santilli (Necrotorture, Lahmia, Devangelic) on drums. I did the guitar and bass. Brandon Solis did the vocals. I would love to hear what you guys think of this!!! Thanks! As always, I WILL C4C!

Jake P
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Thank you for the review on my song man!

I have to say that I'm not too fond of this branch of metal, but the technique is amazing on here, I wouldn't be able to play that fast and that's admirable. I also enjoyed most of the leads, which were played flawlessly!

Also, on the video where you play, you absolutely shredded the shit out of tha bass! Props to that!

Edit: I really love the lead at 00:16 lol
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that was super impressive, and i really like that style of music. i'll be cecking out some of your others videos on yt now.
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