I play in a two-piece heavy blues/stoner rock band so guitar levels at gigs are pretty important for my setup... I mainly use humbucker guitars (Seymour Duncan P-Rails in one guitar and Gibson 57 classics in another) but I've started thinking about using my Fender AM strat and I also use a cigar box guitar which has a single coil pickup (sounds surprisingly meaty and chunky, but needs a boost).

I use a Marshall plexi amp and also run through a bass amp too using a Super Octave and an ABC signal splitter, I use Marshall Guv'Nor Plus distortion and an EH Big Muff Pi for fatter chorus riffs...

Since I'm a cheapskate, I thought the Mooer Pure Boost looked good as you can boost but also alter EQ if needed, and they're true bypass and only $85 here in Aus. Is this a shit pedal for my needs? Is there something better that isn't $500?

If you just want to match volume without altering tone, look at the CAE Boost/Line Driver, and the BBE Boosta Grande.

If those are too much, I'd say go for the Mooer.

The MXR Micro Amp is also okay, but not as good as any of the three above IMO.

In general, the cheaper the boost, the more distortion it will add. And not always in a pleasant way.

I did a lot of research on this myself looking for a clean boost, and what I found was that the CAE or BBE are the way to go.
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Awesome, cheers man! I ended up going for the Mooer as it was so cheap and also fits nicely on my pedal board, plus I need it for a gig in a week! I thought the Seymour Duncan ones were meant to be awesome, but they don't seem to be in production any more or something? Sort of hard to come by these days...
I love my Pigtronix Class A boost. Fattens my bottom end up somehow without boosting it (relative to the rest of the sound I mean). Maybe it's buffering things just so... I don't know.
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