Hey, folks. I put this song up a couple months ago, still don't know how I feel about it. I've only asked friends about it, so some impartial opinions would be really constructive.


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The overall recording is low in volume, vocals even more so - very hard to understand. Singing is not terrible - not necessarily out of tune, however, not adequate. Guitar, apart from a few hardly noticeable moments, well.

Seems you're holding back your voice, with training it will sound well if you put more power into it.
I think the overall songs good, turn the vocals up a little in the recording. You just need to work on the vocals, you have potential.
The guitar playing is nice.

As others have said, you need to record the vocals at a higher volume as well as the guitar.

The track could use some normalizing at the very least to help this. Also, I don't know what equipment you have at your disposal but it sounds like you could use something a little nicer to record the vocals on.

There is definite potential here with this track though, and if you just redid it with higher volume and some nicer recording equipment it would help a lot.
Yes, the vocals need to be louder relative to the guitar. Your voice is quite nice, and deserves to be heard more.

BUT - there's no need to max out the volume of the track. Listening devices usually have things called 'volume controls', which help.