Hi... Can anyone tell me the proper way to sand the fingerboard to get it symmetric cause right now i have major fret buzz?

The rosewood radius in the nut is ok, and the diference is about 1mm or soo of wood in the opposite side, its declining 1 mm throught the neck only in the left side ( you get the picture ).

Its a rga72tqmz that i love with a set neck "unfortunately". What a sh.t job Ibanez done with this one.


find out the radius of the neck. get a radius sanding block from stewmac and level the frets. You will first have to make sure the fretboard is flat though.

It might be worth it to take it to a luthier to have it done. a typical fret level is $100ish
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I´ll do it myself, i already have the sanding block. Guess i need first to cover half the sanding block to sand only the right side of the rosewood, to get it even and then sand the whole fingerboard to get the correct radius. Thanks for the reply
I am not quite getting what you are saying. THe radius being lower or higher on one side doesnt cause fret buzz. The frets being level with themselves is what causes it.
The radius can be way higher on the bass side and lower on the treble... the treble side isnt going to know the difference.
Sorry if my English is kinda hawkward, i´m Portuguese. The radius on the bass side is fine in the nut 6mm and wrong in the joint 5mm, in the treble side is all at 6mm, is like having a twisted neck but in this case is the rosewood fingerboard that is twisted. Refret is not a problem