Hi guys/girls. I'm looking for a new acoustic and really like the Ibanez TCY8, has anybody got one or played one and shed any light on what there like?
Played on in my local music store. They're pretty decent and have a surprisingly good sound, not what I expected from the guitar. The body is really small but the main thing is to have a go on it and decide for yourself.

Although if you're not set on the Ibanez for any particular reason (it's not a bad guitar) rather look around a bit more. I'm sure you can pick up a solid top guitar for around the same price and they're usually exponentially better.
Even more so, if you're not against buying 2nd hand instruments, have a look at some classifieds. You might pick up an amazing guitar at less than half the price.

Hope it helps.
jamesquintas, you say you really like it. have you played one in person?
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I havnt played one yet but hoping to this weekend, I really like the look and finish of it, acoustic but with out the traditional look.
Dude, the guitar you're looking at is in the "Talman" series. They're pretty much worthless unplugged, and barely fair plugged in.

You have to be careful with Ibanez acoustics. While their electrics are worthwhile, the acoustic lineup, more often than not, is engineered to look good, but to sound good, not so much.
thanks, Captaincranky - i didn't even bother to look and see what guitar it was. the ibanez acoustic talmans were copying the shape of the electric talmans, but the shape really doesn't lend itself to an even halfway decent acoustic tone.
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I just looked in my Oxford English Dictionary and under "Acoustic Guitar", there was your Avatar and an email address!
I have to agree. I tried one the other day at our local music shop. Pretty much worthless is correct.

Reminded me of those stratacoustic's a few years back.Hard to go wrong with a nice Yamaha. Cheers.
that ibanez is a great guitar to get if just want to "look" cool holding a guitar.
as for wanting to impress people with actual sound.... you'd do better to string up a toilet plunger.
you pull that thing out and anyone that knows anything about music is gonna laugh at you....
anybody remember the BC Rich acoustic mockingbird or the flying V acoustic?
there's a long line of acoustics( that word used as a technicallity with these pieces of wood with strings) designed to take advantage of people that know any better yet.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
Ibanez acoustic guitars look great but the reason they can look the way they do and be the price they are is that they are made out of plywood with a pretty veneer on the outside. When looking at it as a musical instrument it is no better than the $80 plywood guitars you see all over the place. Now an $80 plywood guitar is a useful thing to have if you want to have something to sit round a campfire with or kick around the floor of your dorm room. They can even be good if you are busking in a place where you fear somebody may steel, confiscate, or damage your instrument. So yes, these types of guitars can be nice to have around, but they are not worth the price tag you get on Ibanez guitars. If you want a beater then get one for $80.

If you want a nice sounding instrument that you will actually take care of and perhaps do some performing with, then don't get an Ibanez. There are a lot of companies that sell guitars in a similar price range that have solid wood tops. Here in the UK Vintage, hohner, and cort all 3 sell solid top guitars that are actually cheaper than the Ibanez TCY8. Chances are your country has similar guitars that will sound better than the ibanez, have a solid wood top, and cost less.
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CorduroyEW, you're not being fair ;-)

there are other plywood guitars (for example, the yamaha f335) that sound much better even though they're all lam. this particular guitar is possibly ibanez' least impressive sounding guitar due to the shape and shallowness.
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I just looked in my Oxford English Dictionary and under "Acoustic Guitar", there was your Avatar and an email address!