Poll: Are we ready for VST Remote Collaboration or Is It Unnecessary?
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No. It's pointless
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Maybe one day, but right now, there are too many flaws
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Maybe, I don't know
1 50%
Yes. I like this idea
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This product is great! where can I get i!?
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Voters: 2.
As many of you may know, Steinberg have recently released a real-time remote collaboration product which is a VST for DAWs. I am carrying out research for a dissertation and want to know know whether anyone believes this product is worth investing in?

Who do you believe could utilise it.

For those who don't know, remote collaboration allows two users to use DAWs in real-time… for example imagine Logic Pro and Skype combined!

I want anyone's opinion on this subject, no matter how much or little you know about the topic
How do you compensate for the lag? Or am I misunderstanding the application's application...
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After carrying out a lot of research on multiple forums, I found that a lot (if not every user) has had bad problems with lag. This technique is involving lots of data sharing. Fibre optic connections have even had trouble keeping up. It's young tech ever since the evolution from ISDN so right now, lags are hard to eliminate.
How can we accurately answer your question without any kind of detailed objective information or personal experience with the tool itself?
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