So I've noticed that it's a bit hard to bend(lower strings than the one I bend don't move out of the way) on the first half of my guitar's neck(frets 3-7) and mostly on High E string(trying to learn some Ritchie Blackmore bends/solos )

Is that because of the neck tention? should I add more bow or backbow to fix that?
On the second half of the neck I don't have any problems bending.
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No, it's due to the string tension and being closer to the nut. Don't mess with your truss rod. The only thing you can really do is fit lighter strings. Or keep practising until your fingers get stronger.

Have been playing for 3 years, haven't noticed any change on that matter.
Also I am using 10's, if I use 9's they are too flappy for my play style.

So when bending should the strings above the one you bend move away or they should stick together? if you get my point.
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I was talking about string height, if the top strings from the one you bend are set higher they get out of the way easier, although if you have all the strings on same height they stick together like on the picture.

That's where bow/backbow also takes place also so that's why I asked about if I should add any.
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just make sure the problem can't be solved with a simple string height adjustment before messing with the truss rod

when i bend, the strings above go underneath my finger too. but i think my fretting hand palm mutes them.
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The reason I believe is a string height or truss rod issue is because for example if I try a full step bend on 8th fret of high E I can't add vibrato and hold it too long because the other strings are blocking it. That doesn't happen let's say on 22th fret.

Another reason I think it's the neck is that string height is already high so even if I raise it it still happens. If I raise it too much then they top string from the one you bend gets entirely out of the way which(getting out of the finger tip and over the finger) is wrong.
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That could be because of several reasons. A high fret, neck radius

keep you finger tips down firmly and that way the other strings will stay out of the way to a certain extent. But mostly that comes down to how well you can actually play and how good your technique is.
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I set up my guitars with very low action; I always make contact with the other strings. You really don't want to set your strings so high that you slide UNDER them when you bend. Leave your truss rod alone <G>. It's always easier to bend in the middle of the string than at the end (frets 1-5). That's just physics. And when you pick up other strings and need to bend those as you bend one of them, that makes bending harder, but again, that's something you need to learn to work with, not avoid. You'll build up finger strength over time; that's one of the reasons you practice every day. It's also the reason some players need to use three fingers to help bend the one string.