The G string is in tune when played open, but gets noticably sharp when played on the frets from 1st to 11th. The 12th fret is pretty much in tune, so I can't do anything with the bridge.
This is very annoying when I want to play A5 with the octave or double notes on the D and G.
I usually tune it down, so the open note and the fretted notes sound somewhat tolerable, but it's still bad.
What could be the problem??
Hey there bud, could be the intonation itself, I wouldn't mess around with it if you don't know how to adjust it. Just take it to a guitar shop, its not that big of a problem, but I'm probably sure that it's the action on it. Get back to the thread to see how it goes!
How high is your action? And how's your technique? What string gauge are you using and on what scale?

High action (or a nut with the string slots cut too high) will produce a sharp note, particularly in the 1-5 fret cowboy chord area, when you fret. The effect is reduced as you head up the neck. Check how high the string is off the first fret.

G strings can be particularly temper-mental (a pun). A GOOD (note the emphasis) tech can tame them. Your basic Guitar Center restringer may not be able to.

If you gorilla grip your fretting and/or have tall frets, you could be *pulling* those notes sharp. A lighter touch (the note is fretted when the string touches the fret, not when your finger hits the fretboard) works best.

And finally, your nut might need to be adjusted to put the string contact point further back. This might involve shimming the nut away from the end of the fretboard or cutting the slot for that particular string with a contact point in a different spot. There are also compensated nuts available that (correctly installed) can help:

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I wouldn't do that but sounds like a fix hahaha.

It's an Earvana nut hahaha. Buzz Feiten also makes a compensated system hahaha.
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It's an Earvana nut hahaha. Buzz Feiten also makes a compensated system hahaha.

I don't doubt it

I would still take it to a guitar shop, I'm lucky my friend works at Sam Ash, get it done FO FREE!