Here's a song I wrote a few months back entitled 'Under the Sky'. The song talks about independence, finding happiness and making a conscious effort to engage in things that truly fulfill yourself as a human being. Criticism is welcome!

Intro (Verse 1)
Time ticks itself away, another day into the next
The moment comes, the moment goes, without that moment you wouldn't know
You're here today to make the most of it all, cause when tomorrow calls you better be at home

Turn on your view to the moment that you say you can't go on
There's no turning back now life's too short to dwell in misery

Verse 2
On your feet it's time to go, excuses burden you to slow
The progress you can make, you know you've got what it takes
One, Two, the steps you make, against your evil side, you say
Don't you slow in anyway
Eyes up in the sky, breathe it in, tell yourself that you can (that you can)

Verse 3
The unknown, where you call home
travel alone, become the one
Your own path, your own way, your own road to somewhere
Turn the tides, split the skies, hear them cheer your name
Under the sky, into the end, like there's no tomorrow onwards you go

Clutch the pendant you wear, catch the sunrise in your hands
Bathe in the wind that lives to shepherd all your fears away

Verse 4
Breathe through the air that helps you fight the pain
A blessing in disguise that opens you to change
Combat the fear within your mentality
Under the sky, into the end, like there's no tomorrow, forward you go
A battle within, determinations time to shine, be one of the wild

Pre Chorus
From the shallow pain exerted, to the deepest peace within
An esoteric change of self, for better or for worse
That only you can take upon yourself, the outcome's yours
To decide your real happiness, it all comes from within

Open up your eyes, see the magic of today
Through new perspective, render all your fears away
Under the sky, live another day!