Checkout Coldplay's Twitter today. Chris Martin handwrote all the lyrics for their new album and somehow hid them all over the world inside books in libraries. There are 9 songs, so they will be posting 9 clues that lead to the locations of the lyrics. I am trying to figure out how they managed this.
  • On their last world tour, someone from the band or crew went to the libraries and put them in books (this would have required having all lyrics written a while ago, and full album length with included songs known already)
  • Coldplay knows a lot of people and asked some trusted ones to do this after sending them the lyrics
  • Any other ideas??
It's probably similar to Tony Hawk's Easter egg hunt that he does every year with skateboards. He has reps in the cities hide the treasure and then he tweets the clues.
Considering how big of a band Coldplay is I'm pretty much 100% sure they just mailed the lyrics to their label dudes around the world and had them place them