Hey guys I'm new and this is probs in the wrong forum but hey ho...

Anyway I've done a number of tabs in the last week. I come back to check on them and it turned out someone had voted down one of my tabs to 1 star.

Anyway, having had the thing checked by mates who assured me it was correct and definitely not 1 star material, I get nosey and have a look as to who down voted it.

Who else would it be, but the boy who had done the first version of the tab and was quiet simply not correct in a number of points.

Know this may seem petty but I generally avoid the 1 star tabs like the plague. He got in so quick that I've had only a fraction of the views that he has had in the time.

The fact of the matter, he has seen competition and nipped it in the bud. But more so, is this legal on Ultimate Guitar per se?

And is someone willing to check his version against mine and make sure Im not going stark raving mad?

Anyway, thanks anyway guys for anyone who has read this far! Just want some clarification thats all

MY TAB: http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/p/paolo_nutini/scream_funk_my_life_up_ver3_crd.htm

HIS TAB: http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/p/paolo_nutini/scream_funk_my_life_up_crd.htm
His is right. Yours is wrong.

And even if it were the other way around I don't see how it could ever be considered slander
Firstly, yes this is ridiculously petty so get over it.

Secondly I honestly doubt he sits and waits for someone to create another tab and then downvote it immediately, think about it. He might just think yours is wrong.

I don't personally know about the song or whether your version is correct or not, his looks more thoroughly transcribed but that being said I haven't tried either and have no desire to.

The same thing happens to reviews too, I've had it happen to a couple of my reviews where it's been downvoted by others reviewing the same album, I personally don't really care and you shouldn't either.

Now if a mod could kindly oblige and close this thread that would be lovely.
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I could not be bothered even looking at the Tabs but yeah, Don't let the ego take hold.
I wrote and recorded a tune that resonated with me, put it on soundcloud and someone told me it was directionless and told me my other songs were better etc. Strangly my ego took control and I had silly thoughts that branched off onto other silly thoughts. Eventually I got to a point that I realised they were just that, silly thoughts.
The End... Now close the thread.
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