Play steel string acoustic, usually folk fingerpicking.
Got a thumb-pick today after fingerpicking for a while and getting decent at it. I filed it down to my preference and can play all right. My speed took a hit but i'm guessing thats just something i'll need to work at. However now the sound of the root notes eclipses the higher three strings. Any tips on getting a more even sound. I want more bass than flesh picking but this is too much.
The trick to getting an even volume is using the nails of your other fingers to pick the other strings.
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I'm a nailpicker, and using a thumbpick does make the sound a bit thumb-heavy. There are, however, some advantages. Right hand damping is difficult for a nailpicker, and a thumbpick makes it a lot easier. Thumb brushes are also easier. A trick to reduce thumbpick volume is to damp the string with the side of the thumb on the follow-through, giving a more punchy sound. It takes a bit of practice, and I need a very short thumbpick to do it comfortably, but IMO it is a useful technique.