As I listen:

Nice, deep piano tone for the intro. You also have a good string tone.

The way the higher strings fade in just past the one minute mark was great.

I think as the song develops during the first couple minutes, you should very gradually start adding some delay or reverb to the lower strings; it should help you get a fuller sound.

Cool transition around 3:20, and that part it transitions into was a good change from the first three minutes.

I noticed that you have a piano note repeating off-time. I think if you layered some other piano notes over it that harmonize, and have them fade in throughout that section, it would give it a more interesting sound.

All in all, a great, emotional piece.
Wonderful. Keep it up.
"This one is machine and nerve, and has its mind concluded
This one is but flesh and faith, and is the more deluded."