I have a Schecter Ultra iii, and I am looking to replace the three Duncan Designed FG-101 pickups that are currently in it. From what I could find, it seems that the "GFS Wild Dog Oversized, Overwound RAUNCHY Humbucker" is the only direct replacement for it. sadly, they discontinued the production of this pickup. I'm trying to find two neck and one bridge in chrome. does anyone think they could help me out?
Looks like a regular sized HB to me. it is a TV jones looking pickup, but that is just looks
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I've used the GFS "Wild Dog" in a several builds. I like the results. It's a high-output pickup, but you can split it and ramp it down with guitar controls for a nice range of sound. I'm not at all opposed to full-on with it either. Of my builds (that I still possess and didn't go to someone else) my favorites are both guitars with a single Wild Dog right in the middle, between bridge and neck. Just sitting there all alone like a big fat stick of butter. I'll keep using them as long as GFS keeps selling them. But they ARE only available in gold. No chrome.