Been looking into getting a drum sampler as I'm tired of piecing my own kits together from random free samples. I've gotten decent results, and I'm sure I'm to blame more than my samples, but it seems like the paid software has great samples and it's all contained in a simple vst package. Anyway, I'm torn on what to get as I'd like to buy one and be done, as in the future I want to live track drums, I just can't afford mics and an interface with more inputs right now.

I saw SD2 is down to $180 as opposed to 300. I'd been considering SSD as well. Recently though I stumbled upon BFD3, testing the demo now, and while it sports a heftier price tag ($350) it seems really good. Any thoughts? I feel like I can't go wrong with SD2, just curious how it stacks up to BFD3 and SSD.
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