Here's another song I've been working on. The lyrics are inspired by the feeling of jealousy and how it is a choice to be jealous, it is up to ourselves to rid our minds of that feeling that we can let it not bring us down. At a time where I was feeling jealous I decided to do something about it and voice this feeling in to something more productive than hate. I felt shit-loads better Criticism is welcome

Verse 1
Infiltrate and hypnotize, manipulate the soul entwined
Interrogate the mind inside, questioning, complicating
No excuse satisfies
Jealousy cripples all thoughts of mine
Dividing the rationale within my mind

Discern your fear of all around
Track it down, submit to no-one, it’s just a
Petty focus bleeding out your precious time

Verse 2
A self perspective thrives
Intent to kill all lies
To yourself and your kind
How about some piece of mind?
The thoughts of me to give up, give in
The senseless mind dependency
The choice is mine to kill without a fight
Rearrange the focus

Discern the poison of all around
Track it down, bleed it out
Still a petty focus acts as your distraction

Staring at myself, with no content for questioning
The self loathing has to stop, extinguish all the hate
Deprive me of the peace within
The animosity strains to disarm all of the tyranny

Pre Breakdown
Jealousy takes its leave, victim to my will
Interrogation’s done, the strength of me has won

Final Bridge
A malice of kinds entwined inside my head
I strengthen up my focus to commit to the change
Evaluating consciously
The practice of this choice, voids all negativity
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