So one of my Jackson Dinky's has a "problem".

When I first pick up the guitar, its perfectly in tune. After doing some bends however, the g-string falls out of tune. This is abnormal to me as this is a Pro Series Jackson that I have recently bought brand new and it has never done this before.

I just put on new strings, and I've stretched them lots. What's odd however is that the g-string only momentarily acts like this...the string's behavior changes. After stretching the g-string like ten times, the string stays perfectly in tune until I set the guitar down and then pick it up again maybe a day later.

Is this normal?

EDIT: So I was noticing a buzzing noise coming from the headstock. I tightened the low E string tuner as it was really loose along with the A string...the string seems to be relatively stable now.

Does this logic even make sense?
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Yes, makes sense.

Depending on where you live the changes in temp from day to night can be enough to throw everything sharp or flat.

Only one string? Lube the nut & check the saddle for binding.

By the way, you are not stretching steel strings, you are tightening/closing the loop around the peg.
When you say check the saddle for binding, what does that mean?

And did tightening the tuning peg make sense is what I mean (like the edit I did, does it make sense logically that a tuning peg for a different string could affect the tuning stability of another?) Sorry for the confusion.

It's a floyd rose bridge by the way. I blocked it off both ways with a piece of wood, so no locking nut either.

I was thinking about the whole climate issue and such, but this has been going on for almost a week now. Just the g-string. Originally I thought it was old strings, so I changed the strings. Still nothing has changed.