I'm thinking about buying this guitar. I tried it at the music store and it sounded amazing. So, I took a picture of its neck so that i can check it out when I'm home. I looked it up and i found out that 'Squier' word is written differently.

So my Question is ' Is it fake or what?'

The pictures' link will be down.

I really need help in this one.
Thanks in advance

This is the one which i took a photo of:

And this is the one which is on the internet:

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It's not amazing at all, save up and get a Classic Vibe which are a fair bit better.

The logo is fine. Different models have slightly differently variations of the same logo.
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Go ahead and spend your money, I don't care. It won't make you sound better.

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Sure upgrading your gear will make you sound better.

plus one on mephaphil. no ones gonna create a fake squier. and the classic vibe series are great. whereas affinities are generally pretty naff (though a gem can be found!)