So I recently had to completely re-do my recording studio, and part of that meant parting with my Marshall halfstack and cabinet. I currently have a JCA20H (Jet City) head with two Electro-Harmonix 12AX7s, one Sovtek 12AX7, and 2 JJ EL84s in it on top of a JCA12s as my amp. I play through a downtuned Carvin 7 string with active EMG pickups, and have a few different pedals that i couldn't part with (a Big Muff, BOSS Equaliser, BOSS Compression Sustainer, and BOSS blues driver). I was aiming for the cheapest set-up possible without losing too much quality. Unfortunately, at the moment, my tone is completely muddy, and I can't seem to get the massive wall of sound distortion I was getting previously. I play a very chaotic form of death metal, and was hoping someone could give me a few tips on getting incredible tone through my current setup, without buying (very much at least) anything else. I should mention that this setup is solely for recording
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I should mention that this setup is solely for recording

I always prefer to use real amps, but then I get the sound I need from my setup, but if you're struggling to get the desired tone from your amp etc, have you considered using sims on your PC? There's a sticky thread dedicated to them over in the Recordings forum.
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get a better speaker in your speaker cabinet. shouldn't cost *that* much.

maybe buy a tubescreamer-style overdrive- bad monkey or sd1 on the cheap.
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What other gear are you using for recording?
What settings are you using, more or less?
How's the acoustics of the room you're plying in?
Also, a clip of what you're getting from the recording would be greatly helpful.

With that setup you're not gonna get a massive wall of sound, but if you're recording stuff and you have the possibility of mixing your stuff, I don't see any big problem.

Use one of the pedals to boost the amp without adding much distortion, use the eq and try to compensate for the muddiness by cutting the lows, cut some highs to eliminate the fizziness, double track the thing, mix it and see how that goes.

Stacking distortion pedals will likely result in a muddy sound, and so will using a compressor.
Come on you have active pickups already, you have a boosted mid to high gain amp - you already have more compression than you need.

If you gotta buy something, buy a new speaker for that cab.
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