I am brand new to playing guitar and 42 years old, a little late I know. Anyway I attempted to learn about 6 years ago when I had a middle of the road EPI and a line 6 spider amp. I recently came across a great deal and bought a 09 Gibson Les Paul Studio along with a Fender mustang iii v.2. LOVE THIS GUITAR! I know very little about playing but am eager to learn. I can play the riff to talk dirty to me(poison), and a couple metallica riffs. Love the sound of that era, especially Slash tone. I was thinking about getting the line 6 spider jam, but I hear so much negativity about line 6. The reason I am thinking about this amp is because I can get the sounds of so many recognizable artist and I thought this would help keep me motivated in learning. It would at least sound like I knew what I was doing. I also have heard a lot of negative feedback about the new marshalls. I would love to get something under $500. The more under, the better! Any reccomendations? And are the reviews and ratings for guitar amps on this site pretty spot on? I am nowhere near gigging yet and I live in a townhome so I do not need super loud. Thank you all in advance!
You may have a look at the peavey vypyr tube 60, it's still a modeling amp so you'd have a wide array of sounds and effects.
If you want something a bit more straight forward, the marshall dsl401 looks like it could do.

I think you can pretty easily get the one or the other for less than $500.

Though since you're just starting out, to get a better idea of the sounds you can get from different amps, I'd just walk into a guitar store or whatever big store with a lot of guitar amps, and I'd try as much as I can.
Than when you find something you particularly like you can wither buy it right away or look for cheaper and similar sounding stuff.
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The reviews here need to be read with a certain amount of caution - a lot are written by people who have only just purchased the item, therefore the novelty factor of new kit is still in play. Also, most of the reviews for budget kit are written by people new to guitar who maybe haven't played better equipment to compare it to, therefore they give a 10/10 rating to an amp someone with more experience would rate at around 3/10.

Most of the negative feedback you see about Marshall is related to their solid state amps like the MG and AVT. They're OK as starter amps, but they're overpriced and the larger ones that people buy thinking they're getting a true Marshall gig-worthy setup are just terrible.

Probably the best rock amp for your budget would be a Jet City. Check them out. The 20 watt model is quiet enough for playing at home, but can go loud enough for gigging when you're ready.
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yeah jet city is a good shout for those high gain 80s tones. make sure you get the high gain model (the one with two channels)
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Best advice I can give you is to grab your guitar and go in all the stores near you and try literally every single amp they have. You might be surprised to find something that you normally would never had tried actually sounds really good to you. One thing though is I would stay away from anything that's not a tube amp, because tube amps typically sound a lot better than solid states (no tubes). Solid states like Marshall MG's might sound good to you at low volume but if you ever push it past like 3 then you will just want to turn it back down lol.

My first amp was a Line 6 Spider III and it's a decent amp but you can get way better with just a little more money. I also bought a Marshall MG100HDFX thinking that it would be better than the Line 6 because it said MARSHALL on it. It was different yes but it sounded so bad... I spent 500$ on that thing and eventually got tired of it taking up space in my room and pawned it for 250$. The Line 6 compared to that marshall mg is way better though because you have a lot of options, which makes up for it sounding pretty bad when turned up.