Are the Tab Pro tabs simply re-posts of Guitar Pro tabs? In other words, if a person has Guitar Pro can they get those exact same Tab Pro tabs for free elsewhere? I'm just wondering why anyone would pay for Tab Pro if they have Guitar Pro (I have neither, but am planning to buy one or the other).
Yes, they're the same tabs. People use all kinds of tablets and smartphones, I guess that's why they get it usually; plus they can just log into UG on any computer and access TP in the browser. GP is the better product overall though and it's not close.
Thanks - you both told me what I needed to know. For PC use, it sounds like Guitar Pro is much better but Tab Pro is also useful for phones and tablets.
There are many tab pro tabs listed on this site that I can't find anywhere else on the web. So, if they are the same tabs as guitar pro, how do guitar pro users get them?
If you have transcribe enough Guitar Pro tabs and have them accepted by UG, they give you free subscription Tab Pro, as your tabs are automatically converted to Tab Pro, otherwise, you have to pay for the Subscription. All Tab Pro tabs are given a 5 star rating so don't be misled that this is an indication of their accuracy.
Okay, so it sounds like there are actually some tab pro tabs on UG that you can't find anywhere else? That leads back to my original question about whether tab pro tabs are simply re-posts of guitar tab pro tabs you can find somewhere else. Someone seemed to say that they were. However, there are many tab pro tabs listed on UG that I can't seem to find anywhere for guitar pro??? I do not have tab pro so you may be right that tab pro tabs may not be the most accurate. Are guitar pro tabs usually more accurate than tab pro? I'm still trying to decide which one to buy.
As far as I'm aware, they are pretty much all copies of Guitar Pro and Power Tab submissions. Power tab is free but has limited options. You can import an existing Power Tab onto Guitar Pro if you want a better quality sound, or would like to add drums etc.
i think Guitar pro is better overall. For my tablet/ phone i use "tab tool kit" (paid app) which i think is better than GP and TP for viewing the files - allows you to DL and view Guitar pro, Powertab as well as text tabs and can view without wifi (after downloading obviously). GP is only better if your editing or creating your own tabs. if you are just viewing i would recommend tab pro for CPU but on tablet "Tab tool kit" is the best IMO.