I've never tried out these old school types of speakers. I currently own a few amps (Ibanez Thermion, Mesa Rectoverb, Genz Benz Black Pearl) and two closed back cabs (both Emperor 2x12's, one with Governors the other with Legend V1216'a). I am interested in exploring clean/light OD territory. I'd probably use this cab with the Black Pearl since the GB cabs for them are loaded with Red Fang, might bring some new tones out of the amp.

Do you think this would be a good cab for $200? It's sharp looking

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It looks like it is in good shape, and Mojotone has been around for a long time, so it is probably a good cabinet. If you want a 1x12" cabinet with a Red Fang speaker, then it would be a good choice.
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A steal if you dig the alnico vibe. Buy it!
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i have no experience with the cab, but yeah the red fang speaker sounds pretty good with the black pearl. far different from the ceramics i've tried. a lot warmer-sounding. if you're trying to make it sound voxier, it'd probably help.
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