After playin for 3 years , i decided to buy a new guitar but i cant make a decision between these guitars;




Which one do you think is better ?
Personally I like the Hellraiser C1 better but I'm assuming you prefer the "Les Paul" design. I also assume you prefer to play metal. I think the C1 has active pickups too which I like more when I play heavier music and I'm not too sure on the other two although if you have a preference you can change them yourself. I think the best option is to try to find these guitars in person and try them out. That seems to be the best way to do it.

Good luck!
Oh and also if you should consider the Floyd Rose Bridge the C1 comes with. They aren't a fun time to change the strings on But are, in my opinion, a lot of fun to play. The LTD and the solo 6 have more basic bridges which might be easier for new guitarists. So definitely try out the floyd rose bridge and the tune-o-matic bridge to see what you like.
Play them all, im sure theyre all good guitars just a matter of preference as always.
They're all solid guitars. The best best is to do what the two guys above me said. It's never advisable to choose a guitar based on the spec sheet alone.
Personally I like the LTD, though Schecter makes some nice guitars. Like the one guy said, just watch out for that Floyd Rose, I've got one on my Schecter. First time I changed strings I messed it up to the point I didn't know what to do except for taking in to the GC tech. If you're good with Floyds, then Schecter all the way.
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I would take the EC-1000 over the either Schecter, no question.

But play them and see which one you like!
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Definitely the Hellraise C-1 M. Only had good experiences with that guitar.
As an ESP pusher id say the ec1000. Sooo take that for what its worth
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