Hello, I am 50 yrs. old never played before, and have wanted to play for years. I want to learn to play Blues, but have no idea where to start. I have been trying to teach myself for about a month.I have watched a lot videos on the internet and read several books which have helped to get an understanding of the basics. Any help would greatly be appreciative. Thanks
Learn the pentatonic scale with the blues note, just search for how to play blues and you'll get around
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is there any particular type of blues you want to learn?
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To start with some nice easy blues, learn the 12 bar pattern this is based around 3 chords, the first, fourth and fifth ( I IV V ). A nice easy one to start with would be based around A, these chords would be A, D and E. To make it sound more 'bluesy' you add whats called a Dominant 7th onto these chords.

A7 D7 E7


play these in this sort of structure;

A7 / / /|A7 / / /|A7 / / /|A7 / / /|D7 / / /|D7 / / /|A7 / / /|A7 / / /|E7 / / /|D7 / / /|A7 / / /|E7 / / /|

You've now learnt to play a 12 bar!

Now to play over it, you use the A blues scale, 2 really easy ways of playing these go as follows;


Feel free to message me if you have any questions!
Look up Marty Schwartz on Youtube. He has his on site as well as being affiliated with with others. He was a public school music teacher as well as gave private lesson, and has performed before in large venues. I recommend him to anyone who is just starting out no matter style of music you like.

PS. I took up the guitar 5 years ago and I am now 48.
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