Just bought an Ampeg Micro-CL Mini-Stack yesterday and immediately heard a buzzing/distortion sound, especially on the E string. Most of the notes played on the E string and the open A will give a distortion sound. I purchased a Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Special about a month ago, so I know its not the bass. The buzzing/distortion is actually worse when I play my 2002-2003 Fender Hoppus Bass.

I doubt its my wall outlet too. I've had my old Fender Bassman60 plugged into the same area where I have the Ampeg plugged in. My Bassman60 didn't have any problems with distorting unless the volume is over 5, because I either blew it or damaged the speaker many years ago.

Also would like to note: The distorting sound isn't as bad when I play with a pick and play fast. And when I use my fingers or play 2 strings at a time, the sound is worse. It kind sounds like my NEW Ampeg is blown or a speaker is damaged, kind of like my old Bassman amp. At low volume, 1 or 2, the sound is really bad but as I increase volume the clarity is better. Doesn't make much sense to me.

Any suggestions what it might be?! If I can't figure it out by tonight, I'll probably just take it back and get a different one. I was kind of iffy about getting the show-floor model anyway.
Take it back
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I thought there could be some other problems with the amp, outlet, bass's, etc. but I've read other forums and reviews, and came to the conclusion....I'm going to take it back first thing tomorrow morning. A new amp shouldn't sound anything like this one does. Hopefully they don't give me one that sounds like crap!
One question before you exchange your new amp: Do you have a plasma television? Ever since I got one, if it is turned on, my amplifiers buzz - and I mean all of them: tube, hybrid, or solid-state. If I turn the TV off, the buzz goes away. If it is not your television, then you may indeed have a grounding problem.
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I took it back to my local music store after explaining to them over the phone what problems I was having. They replaced it and after hearing it, they agreed that it was a factory issue. Plugged in the new one at the store and my house, worked right away!
great news
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Other than having to take my first one back, it's a great amp! The tone is amazing and keeps up with a loud punk/rock drummer. From some reviews I've read, I'm not sure why people "dog" on this amp! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion I guess...