So I've had one electric guitar since I started playing a number of years ago. I've always wanted something with a humbucker and tossed around the idea of making a partscaster for a while. A month or two ago I finally pulled the trigger. After working off and on and making some mistakes here and there (needing to refinish, fixing placing the bridge a little off center) I finally finished today. The finish is a satin white. I originally painted it flat but when I needed to refinish decided to go satin and am very satisfied. I finished the neck with tru-oil. The electronics are all from GFS. It only has a bridge pickup now and I'll probably add a neck pickup in time.
I am satisfied with the way it plays. I put different strings on than I usually do which I'm not too keen on but I've enjoyed having a new electric. It gives me some more versatility with my electrics. I now have a humbucker on this and a p90 and single coil bridge on my tele. Without further ado here are some pics:

And now the first pic with my tele no longer an only child:

Sorry the pics aren't great but it is what it is. So that's my new guitar. I'm pretty proud that I turned a box of parts into a working guitar
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Awesome! We're definitely partscaster lovers here. Which GFS humbucker is it?
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It reminds me of my old, white Charvel - before Charvel became famous after Wayne Charvel sold the rights to the name to Grover Jackson. That was one great guitar! HNGD!!! Enjoy the hell out of it!!!
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It reminds me of my old, white Charvel

as soon as i saw the pic i thought, vintage charvel!

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Without further adieu here are some pics:

Very nice job on the guitar! What strings did you put on it that you don't like, and what do you think you're going to switch to now?

Oh, by the way (just so you know the Grammar Nazi is always on watch )...

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Great looking guitar. Very clean and appealing.

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Thanks guys. It plays really well, much faster than my tele. The mighty mite neck is a little slimmer and makes my tele feel like a baseball bat. The tru oil gives it a smoother feel, less tacky than the finish on my tele's neck.
It gives a nice sound. I can get a good ramones tone out of it which I've been enjoying. I've got a fat pat in it I believe. It's well rounded but I do think I'm going to miss a neck pickup and have to put one in soon.
As for the charvel comments, I used to want a charvel so cal in white and I didn't realize until I was about half way through that it was essentially building that guitar with one pickup and a strat trem not a Floyd.
I am getting used to the strings. They were a little thinner than I've used in the past and felt a little slow but it might have just been breaking them in. They are feeling much better today. They are D'Addario medium blues-jazz.
Overall though I'm loving the new guitar. My fingers are hurting from playing more than normal.

(I also fixed the ado. Grammar Nazis )
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