Sorry, for any funky typing, injured my hand recently and cant type too accurately or risk pulling stitches.

I have an SX Ursa bass and a Korg Pitchblack Tuner. Now, the tuner barely picks up the open strings, it'll fluctuate in tone registry greatly (example: hitting E with a pick, the tuner will register a B, then an E, then a G, then back to a B, all in the matter of a second). To remedy this, I tune at the 12th harmonic, which is sometimes picked up by the tuner, but not always.

When it does register the pitch, it'll fluctuate in deciding whether it's sharp or flat. So at A 12th fret, it'll say it's too flat, then change it's mind and say it's too sharp, or just call it a G and be done with it :P. It does this, mind you, even when a note is on pitch. Sometimes the tuner gives up on itself and refuses to even name a note, like it's shy, or something.

I don't think a chromatic tuner at this price range should have this kind of difficulty, more often than not my ear out tunes the tuner, which is fine - except if I'm in a noisey environment where I can't ear tune, then it's a big problem. Any recommendations for me to try in solving this issue? Have you had these issues with the pitchblack? Maybe I should switch modes?

I mute all other strings with my hand, use an even picking motion to ring out the note, have the pickups and tone knob completely open, I'm at a complete loss!

Thanks guys


It picks up 6 string guitars perfectly
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According to the owner's manual, the Korg Pitch Black is not designed with a variety of instruments from which to choose: six-string guitar, seven-string guitar, four and five and six-string bass, etc. With that in mind, it appears to be designed solely as a guitar tuner. You can adjust the "calibration" for some different frequencies, but that is about it.

If possible, take it back to where you bought it and exchange it for a DigiTech Hardwire tuner pedal. I have one and it is better than any tuner pedal I have ever owned. It is built like a tank, and it has preset calibrations for all of those instruments I have listed - and then some. Just push the button for whatever guitar or bass you have - and it is a chromatic tuner, to boot!
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That's odd. Is it just the standard Pitchblack? Not a Poly or anything like that?

I was hoping to get one of these myself for bass, so this is a little concerning, haha.
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