I recently changed the pickup on my guitar and now it buzzes and pops. It's not the pickup because I switched it from my other guitar. Neither of them buzzed so much before. Can solder type cause this? It was plain old rosin core electronic solder. If I heated up the pot too much (I'm pretty sure I didn't) can that cause extra buzz? Thanks.
The solder itself won't "cause" noise but bad solder joints can make things weird. It's not hard to mess up a pot with too much heat on the lugs but heating the casing is unlikely to damage it.
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You probably did one of two things. Ether you heated the solder rather than heating the wires creating a cold solder joint where the solder doesn't really adhere to the components and/or wire so it rattles around and causes humming and popping, or you moved the wire slightly while it was cooling causing little cracks in your solder and when stuff vibrates and moves around this creates popping and hum. Double check your soldering technique by watching some youtube vids and then resolder the wires
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