This is a song I wrote kinda randomly the other night

Main Street

The man ran down the alleyway,
He came out onto a street,
In the dead of night,
He pulled out his sawed off shotgun,
And killed ten innocent people,
I held my gun in my hand,
As he ran about on main street,

I went with him,
He would cackle and scream like a maniac,
I didn't know why he did what he did,
But i watched while standing in the black,
I guess I don't have much of a chance,
I have to earn money someway,
But I don't operate in the day,

We rode out onto main street,
I heard a radio,
I heard his shotgun blast,
We turned the corner and killed more people,
We heard the cops,
They got here real fast,

I don't know why we did what we did,
I guess there's just sin in this imperfect world,

We brought out heavy weapons
we had stolen,
I guess I am glad we live in a gun free city,
I don't have to worry about death,
He laughed at what i told him,
Then he went back to his crystal meth,

Later that night,
We took ten more lives,
Well as we fired the last blast,
The police turned the corner real fast,

Well they locked us up,
The jury didn't see it my way,
I got a guilty verdict,
They declared me unfit to live,
They let him go,
I had to pay the price for our crimes,
I cannot say that i am sorry,
For what we have done,

They took me to a room that day,
They strapped leather straps around me,
The man said that when he pulled the switch,
It would blow me away,
I held my breath and closed my eyes and said goodbye