I just got the sanpera pedal in the mail, bought it primarily for looping..

I have been playing a lot through my laptop using an effects app because its nice having all of the options on a computer screen and the ability to save unlimited presets. I have been connecting to the vypyr VIP2 to play through the amp (via aux in), and the amp plays everything fine, but I was unable to get the looper to pick up the aux input.

Is there anyway to get this to happen? The looper works fine if I am playing through the 1/4" input, just can't get it to pick up the aux.
That most likely happens because the signal going into the aux in more or less goes straight to the power amp, effectively skipping the stage in which the looping happens.

The only ways I see of doing this are:
1. getting a reamp box and going from the computer to the instrument input
2. well you have an amp with a shit ton of effects - use them instead of your computer's
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Thanks for the reply. Yea I will most likely just use the amp, just nice to have thousands of presets available on the computer
Do you really use thousands of presets?

The Vypyr + Sanpera has hundreds. Still way more than feasibly usable.
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