Hey guys. I'm thinking of mounting my Ibby RG350DXZ a kill switch, in place of the tone knob, and I need some advice on how should I go about doing this.

Before we start, it should be noted that I'm a complete noob at electronics, so please bare with me if I don't understand something. My questions are as follows:

Question #1: since I'll be removing the tone pot, do I need to do any more work resistance wise? (Do I need to wire any capacitors etc...?)

Question #2: Does any mini switch work or does it have to be built specifically as a kill switch? I really don't wanna use button like switches...
I'm thinking of buying this one

Question #3: How do I go about wiring it? Will this diagram work?

Thanks for any help guys, I really appreciate it
1. No, you don't.

2. Wow. That's an expensive DPDT. And I generally favour Thomann for being good value - never bought compnents off them though. You really only need an SPST.

3. Yes, it will.

You might want to have a scan through the new ultimate killswitch thread.
1- Since the tone control is across the signal path you can just remove the pot and cap and be done with it. Technically the absence of the tone control will lighten the load on the signal and sound brighter but the effect is marginal and probably won't even be noticeable. If you wanted you could wire a resistor and cap in place to simulate the tone control but it is totally optional.

2- That switch will work but you won't be able to operate it as fast as a momentary switch. Ideally you'd use a quality normally-open SPST momentary push button type.

3- That diagram will work fine. The whole point of a killswitch is to short across the output jack.
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Thanks fellas! Rock on!!!! \m/
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