My nephew gave me this destroyed Martin Dreadnought, so I chopped it
up and am making this thing. I envision it as kind of a slide or tapping guitar,
and might buy violin strings and/or use some chosen tuning, or use all
D strings or something totally messed up. I'm going to probably buy one Humbucker and one volume pot and that's it. I don't want a switch. I've been reading about shielding the cavities, and 250K and 500K pots, but I'm no electronic buff at all. I'd appreciate advice on what simple wiring to use. I'm just going to get a cheap Humbucker and volume pot on eBay. I don't even want a tone pot.

Thanks, and I just signed up and greetings all.
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500k pots load the signal less than 250k so more highs are present in the signal. 500k is the standard for humbuckers for this reason.
Thanks, that's the one I had thought was best from perusing diagrams.

Since I don't have a metal bridge to ground to, do you think I should just
imbed a metal plate somewhere on the bottom and ground to that?
Well, the point of grounding the bridge is to ground the strings so that when you touch them it reduces or silences the hum and buzz from the pickups. It's nice to have but not necessary for the pickups to function.

I suppose you could ground the tuners somehow.
Hmm. Yeah it's the wooden bridge from the acoustic. That's a quandary.
I could drill through the part of the neck that's left, and come out the back
of the head. It's getting wackier. Thanks.
You have thought about the actual scale length you need to make the neck work properly right? Because that does not look close to 25.5"from the nut to the bridge. If it is not the right scale it will never intonate and will be worthless as far as playing is concerned
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Yes, I kind of assumed that. I may be wasting my time. I'm not going to finish putting
it together until I get the pickups. I think I'm going to mount the acoustic bridge on
springs so it adjusts up and down anyway, but that won't help intonation. It may just
end up a noisemaker. I figured say I put six D strings on it, and tuned them all a minor third
apart or something, maybe it will have some sort of tuneability somehow. It's just playing
with old junk, so if I end up spending a total four hours making the dumb thing, it won't break my heart if it has no hope of intonation. Probably just use it for a gimmicky noisemaker. Maybe I should buy an electric guitar bridge? Pull the intonation adjusters all the way to the front or back to compensate for the short neck?
Since were going wacky, i agree with making it fretless. then you can find its new scale length, find a string instrument with a similar scale, and tune it like that. Say, a lute, for example.

also, given the shortened scale, maybe use a higher value pot for your volume to make it even darker to compensate notes being higher.

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Sorry, I worded it wrong. I have heard of people using 1M pots for buckers, but finding them muddy, or something of that nature.

BC Rich Warlock
Dean 88
ME682-In Progress
Carvin SX300
Clayton 1.0mm picks
Planet Waves cables.
Thanks all, I'm pretty lost. Value of pots; on another forum someone said radio
shack has 250K and 500K pots - the one I went to yesterday didn't. I guess I'll get
them on eBay. My nephew said maybe I'd want a pot to switch polarity between
the two single coils in the humbucker I have coming from eBay? I don't know what
a 1M pot means, I'm still trying to grasp what 250 and 500K mean, and whether or not
I want a tone pot. I guess as long as I make my pickup cavity and guts cavity I can always
change pots and rewire as I try the sound.
K means x1000 and M means x1,000,000. A 250k pot has a value of 250,000 ohms and a 1M pot has a value of one million ohms.

Don't buy anything at radio shack unless you absolutely have to because you will pay out the ass. Most of the folks around here use smallbearelec.com. Steve is a great guy and his prices are fair.

Your nephew is talking about phase-reversing the humbucker. I don't recommend it. Phase reversal works best with two separate pickups. Reversing the coils in a single humbucker will sound horribly shrill and have no bass freqs whatsoever and very few mids.
Great, thanks a lot! Since I hardly know what I'm doing, I don't need to get
even more complicated. As long as the thing actually can tune half way decent,
a humbucker sound will be fine the way it is. Really it will probably just be a little
table slide guitar I'll play with a bottle, or just tap on ala Van Halen. Just a noisemaker.
One 500K volume pot, no switch, no tone. Plug the thing in and whatever it sounds
like is whatever I'll use it for. Mess around with different strings, three Ds and three Gs
or something, or standard strings tuned in open D, though I'm betting standard six
strings won't intonate being so short. Maybe it'll end up a three chord grunge/slide guitar.
There's only seven frets. Yeah, someone said Radio Shack is cheap on another forum.
Their potentiometers are 8 bucks, you can get two on eBay for that. I'll check out