So today I decided to run my HD500 into my 6505+ fx return to see what the HD500's amps sounded like. Connected everything, turned her up, and sounded great. Problem is, I have the HD500's master at over half, and its barely loud enough to be heard over a drummer. Is there something doing wrong since it seems the 65's power amp isn't being pushed hard enough?
What exit of the pod are you connecting to the 65's power amp in?
How about simply turning up the 65's master?
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What exit of the pod are you connecting to the 65's power amp in?
How about simply turning up the 65's master?

This. Also check the mixer levels that come after the modeled amp and the modeled amp's volume.
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Next thing - try the 4 cable method, look it up.

As far as your current issue - you crank up the output of the POD. Also look into changing the output of the POD type to go into amplifier, I think the default is a line out. Keep volume levels down while tweaking that. On my GT-10 I have several different output settings for the size of amp combo, fx return, stack, etc.) so play with that on the POD, I remember they had something similar.
The 6505+ is ungodly loud without an attenuator - try turning up the master volume on the head, as well as on whatever amp you're using in the Pod HD. Worst case scenario, change your mixer volume in the Pod HD500 to center the L and R outputs and then increase the volume through there. Though this may or may not induce unwanted clipping on clean amps(I really have no idea on that, but it's a possibility).
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